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"In the teaching of Jesus the sayings of nonviolence and love of enemies hold a central place...because they are the only means known for overcoming domination."
Walter Wink

CHURCH & PEACE brings together groups, communities, organisations and churches committed to becoming the peace church of Jesus Christ in daily life and action.

It began in 1949, when Quakers, Mennonites and the Church of the Brethren (the historic peace churches) joined with the International Fellowship of Reconciliation to coordinate their activities.



is active, through members and contacts, in many European countries.

  • conflict resolution
  • mediation
  • conscientious objection to war
  • prayer for peace
  • hospitality for the marginalised
  • ... many other forms of peace service


CHURCH & PEACE members meet annually, in one the four language regions - German, French, English, Hungarian & Slavic

We gather with others every two years in an international conference.


a newsletter in English, French and German and the thematic pamphlet series "Theology and Peace" in English, French, German, Hungarian and Serbian


one another and other groups, communities and churches for mutual support, celebration and worship


in international activities which help to promote peace and justice through nonviolent change

  • Active in the Decade to Overcome Violence - WCC (The World Council of Churches)
  • Associate member - CEC (Conference of European Churches)
  • Consultative status - JPIC (The conciliar process for Justice, Peace and the Integrity of Creation)
  • Member - AGDF (Action Committee Service for Peace)
  • Supporter of the IFOR Decade for a Culture of Peace and Nonviolence for the Children of the World
  • Active in the Jubilee 2000 Campaign - Development Requires Debt Cancellation
  • The Peace House project at the Second Ecumenical Assembly Graz '97.


Bible study and theology underpin the activities of CHURCH & PEACE members and their dialogue with other Christians.

This is linked directly with
through the training of those willing to make a long-term commitment to peacemaking.

"Whoever loves life and would see good days peace and pursue it." I Peter 3 (NEB)

Volunteer translators for our publications are always welcome. Write to one of our addresses:

  • Germany
    Church & Peace International Office
    Ringstrasse 14
    D-35641 Schöffengrund
    tel: +49 6445 5588
    fax: +49 6445 5070
    e-mail: [email protected]

  • France
    Église et Paix
    Louis & Bernadette Joly
    5, rue du Mont Verdun
    F-69140 Rillieux la Pape
    Tel & Fax: +33 (0)4 78 88 87 25
    [email protected]

  • Hungary
    Egyház és Béke
    H-8003 Székesfehérvár
    Pf. 7, Hungary
    e-mail: [email protected]

  • Britain and Ireland
    Church & Peace
    20 The Drive, Hertford, SG14 3DF
    United Kingdom
    Tel: +44 1992 416 442
    Email: [email protected]

György Bulányi, the Hungarian Catholic priest and founder of the pacifist base community movement BOKOR.

At the 1995 Hamburg Protestant Church Assembly, a massive international event with thousands of young people participating.

Horticulture training for deprived adolescents, Collage orchards, Dublin. Supported by EIRENE, a corporate member of Church & Peace.

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