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Jubileumi levél: 10 éve jegyezték be a BOCS Alapítványt
Jubilee letter: The BOCS Foundation has been registered 10 years ago
Jubilee letter: The BOCS Foundation has been registered 10 years ago

Dear supporters, volunteers, beneficiaries, readers, civil mates, partners, sympathizers! We write this letter on the 10th anniversary of the BOCS Foundation’s registration, but also in the 29th year of its activity, as the Bokor Ecology Group started its work in 1975. (Environmental Encyclopaedia, volume I. page 139.: „Since 1975 it works in the first place with the philosophical, ethical, educational and social aspects of ecology, on the base of evangelical nonviolence and of the responsibility for the future generations, the poor, and the underprivileged. It aims at teaching non-material richness and non-consumer happyness in small communities and summer camps.”)

Its a very good feeling to remember these almost three decades, in which so many interesting, valuable, great and delightful things happened. It strengthens us, and it is also instructive.

1975: The young people in the religion class of the Basilica of Szekesfehervar started to go in for ecology with the leadership of Gyula Simonyi. In 1977 they put their tasks in writing, in the Christmas Resolution (which was published after the political changes in the Harmadik Part)

Since 1977 there was always an ecology day in the big classical summer camps of the Szekesfehérvár communities (Szentendre, Kapolcs, Pakod, Indianvolgy, Pelifoldszentkereszt, Ipolytolgyes). Sponsoring of the Indian schools of Cedic Prakash SJ started.

In 1978 the Love book was published (in underground, typed form of course). Starting this year we organised annual charity summer camps in the Calvinist Home for the Handicapped, in Dunaalmás.

Since 1979 every spring and autumn a youth weekend is organised in Tihany. The Challenge Of Nonviolence was written also in 1979. The Resurrection Is Cancelled (a drama) was played this year, and the traditional Maundy Thursday all-night vigil was held in a stonemine in the Vertes mountains.

In 1980 the Economy Of LifeHarmony was published in an underground way.

In 1981 the religion group of the Basilica in Szekesfehervar was forced to become underground. In the next few years some young people from Szekesfehervar were imprisoned, because of conscientious objection. The translation of Jean Michael Hornus’s book: It Is Not Lawful For Me To Fight justified their act theologically. This was published in 1984, by the first mechanization of underground publishing, with a punch tape controlled typewriter, in an extremely secret conspiration in the home of the S. family in Szekesfehervar.

Since 1984 we assisted in the starting of the summer holidays for handicapped children in Söréd.

In 1985 Gyula Simonyi took part in the starting of the so-called Silk Mill, which was one of the cradles of the political changes, an is still a home for the green movement. We spent two summer camps in Ipolytölgyes, building a catholic home for handicapped children.

In 1986 we organised a council about ecology for small catholic communities. Cedric Prakash SJ visited us for the first time. With the appearance of the Commodore 64 computer and the Robotron typewriter the underground publishing became easier: in four years 13 volumes of the periodical Palmaag was published.

In 1987 we established the Noe Club, in which we organised programmes with hundreds of participants in the Voge Cultural Centre in Szekesfehervar. In the next two summers we organised computer camps (Sukoro, Balatonszabadi).

In 1989 the Simonyi family received passport (their travel „no longer interfered with the public interest”), and the efforts helping Hungarians in the neighbouring countries (for example Csaba Bojte already before he went to Deva) became stronger, as well as the European connections. Establishing magazins followed: Harmadik Part (1989), Érted vagyok and Tájék (1990), Christian Solidarity (1991), and their first years were assisted.

1990: Establishing contact with Pax Christi. We took part in the tying of the Net(work of Hungarian Catholic communities) from the beginning. We participated in the League of Death Penalty Opposers (HEL), and after it’s quick success in the League of Compulsory Military Service Opposers (HEL), which reached it’s goal in 2004.

In 1991 we took part already on the first National Green Meeting. Regular Bokor Ecology Group meetings started in Budapest, organised by Dr. Istvan Dory and Istvan Farkas.

In 1992 in England the Bruderhof Diary was written and the book of Eberhard Arnold was translated. First work in Asia (training for movement leaders in the slums of Bangkok, Peoples’s Plan for 21th Century, Thailand). When the Zitzer Spiritual Republic (of conscientious objectors) was established in Vojvodina (Serbia), we started to support those, who refused military service in the Balkan, in the years of the war.

Since 1993 we use email („green spider”). During the spring, we made a lecture tour to Spain and Italy, and in summer to Transylvania with Csaba Bojte. We published the book of Ulrich Duchrow (Europe In The World System, 1492-1992). We organised an East-European Kairos conference in Szekesfehervar.

In 1994 the BOCS Foundation was officially registered. The Foundation carries on the environmental and peace movement experiences, and intellectual treasures that came into being during the underground decades of the Bokor. In the spring a lecture tour was made to Bruxelles (to the La Poudrier and the Bread of Life communities). On the occasion of Cedric Prakash’s second visit, we became acquainted with the Cairo Population and Development World conference, as he took part on it as an ngo-delegation member. A cooperation started with the Environmental Education School Network established by Dr. Dory Istvan, that still works. Ecological trainings among Hungarians in Slovakia, Voivodina, Transylvania and Subcarpathia.

In 1995 among the very first web pages, started. This is one of our main educational means. It has more than ten thousand visitors every month. During many years we published thousands of documents. The homepage also serves as a documentation of our media-appearances. Due to David Fulep and others, it also works as a multifunctional portal. With it we helped numerous other civil groups, authors, periodicals, TV-programmes to be published on the internet. We were the first to join the International Campaign To Ban Landmines from Eastern- Europa (ICBL received a Nobel Peace Prize in 1997). We organised a big signature collection for the World Court Project (what reached ban of nuclear weapons in 1996) and for IFOR. We published „Justice, Peace and Integrity of Creation” newsletters. Our delegate was chosen (on the evidence of her essay) from about five hundred participants among the 11 spokesmen of the World Peace Meeting of University Students in Japan. We organised a Church & Peace peace conference in Pécel.

1996: Our first visit to India on the occasion of Asian conferences. In the summer a lecture tour to Scotland (Iona, Lake District, Edinborough). We lectured the Challenge of Nonviolence meditation series for four thousand young people on the Youth Meeting weekend in Csiksomlyo. We were also invited to give lectures on Pax Romana conferences several times. In the course of our email newsletter BOCS Fordito we published more than two million characters of translation. We also translated into English and Serbian. We assisted people in Romania standing up for alternative service.

1997: Trainings in Tihany. We took part on the II. European Ecumenical Assembly in Graz which had ten thousand participants. We invited Prakash to give lectures. We organised there an internet willage.

In 1998: Lectures and summer camps in Transylvania. The first participation on the Balaton Group meeting. Lecture tour in France and Switzerland (Taize, Grandchamp). Lecture on the Trialog preparation conference in Vienna. We helped to establish the Hungarian Christian Internet Conference. Development Education section on (David Fulep).

In 1999 summer camps for the children from Deva started. We translated a book about cooperative games: „Everyone wins!”.

In 2000: lecture tour in the USA, publishing the book: Rapture of the Gospel. In the summer, we went to the Island festival for the first time, and made environmental education with young volunteers. We organised a meeting for Cedric Prakash in the Cheaf Minister’s Office. Our translation „Journey In The World Of Enough” appeared in continuation in several periodicals.

In 2001 we published the Environment & Peace Calendar and the Donella Meadows memorial book.

In 2002 Prakash celebrated the wedding of daughter of the Foundation’s president. On this occasion we organised the fifth lecture tour and media campaign for Cedric. BOCS magazin (a daily email calendar, recently more than one and a half million character) started. We held an environmental competition in the Net annual summer camp, in Zanka. We published „Down with the arms!”, the novel of Bertha von Suttner in continuations in the BOCSmagazin.

Since 2003 we also do environmental education in the Valley of Arts and other festivals. We assist the strengthening of the civil sphere’s international development cooperation (IDC) section. We organised an IDC section on the National Green Meeting, and Gyula Simonyi was elected a delegate to the IDC Social Advisory Council of the Foreign Affairs Ministry. We took part in the establishing of the HAND Association, we became presidency members, and we represent it on the European Development Education Forum. Educational animations appear on

In 2004 we visited the ESP school network in India. We made a short film, photo exhibitions, and postcards. We took part on the World Social Forum in Bombay. We held a lecture on a conference preparing the ENSZ Decade of Education for Sustainability (2005-2014). Almost one hundred young volunteers worked with us on the summer festivals. There are several media appearances, more than fifty lecture and film projection about the Indian scool network was held.

Highlighted parts in the text show the things, we really want to continue. The Island and other festivals, summer camps and trainings, translations, studies and lectures, media,, BOCS magazine, India and Development Education… Of course we have new plans as well.

We would like to express our thanks to all of our supporters, volunteers, partners, and sympathizers, and we ask for their help for the continuation.

Szekesfehervar, 2004. okt. 24.

The founders and recent members of the board, and of the board of supervision: Péter Bognár, Jenő Demeczky, Dr. István Dőry, István Farkas, Katalin Fehér, Dávid Fülep, Imre Márczi, Gábor Rozsics (secretary), Gyula Simonyi (president), Dr. Márta Szabó, Ildikó Topál, András Végh.

Contact:   gyula.simonyi (at)   +36-30-756-8090
Registration: Pk 61.745/1994. (Okt. 24.), registration no.: 341., public benefit organisation: 24. March 1999.
Tax no.: 18481862-1-07.
Bank: OTP Bank Rt. Fejer megyei Ig., 8000 Szekesfehervar, Osz u. 13.
Bank account no.: 11736116-20130037
IBAN: HU14 1173 6116 2013 0037 0000 0000
Separated bank account for funding India: 11736006-20364317
IBAN: HU81 1173 6006 2036 4317 0000 0000

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