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Bokor(Bush) / I'm for you
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Bokor(Bush) / I'm for you
Balaton Group / CSI
Third Shore
ESP India   
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Farkas István
LaChapelle, Dolores
Brown, Lester R.

Church & Peace newsletter

Church & Peace: periodical email newsletter about the european christian peacenetwork, the Church & Peace.

You can subscribe by filling the "email-adress" field in the heading, selecting the "New stuff" newsletter and clicking on the green button. OR: by sending an email to [email protected], writeing the word into the text: subscribe At subscribton the system will ask for confirmation in an email, which you only have to reply, without changeing anything in the text. Unsubscribtion by sending an email to the following address:
[email protected] , with this text::
unsubscribe <jelszó>

You cam ask for your forgotten password at the very-bottom of this site:

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