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BOCS.HU - Introduction
Welcome to the
BOCS Foundation web site
covering sustainable development since 1995.

BOCS (pronunciation: boch):
Brain Organisation for Civilisation of Sustainability

The BOCS Foundation (Bokor Ecology Group) was created in 1975 by the young people at the Basilica of Szekesfehervar with the leadership of Gyula Simonyi. It is formally registered in 1994. It has been working on the Hungarian speaking areas (Hungary, and among Hungarian minorities in Romania, Serbia, Ukraine, Slovakia), in India (help schooling of poor village girls in Gujarat since 1977) and Africa. Its work is aimed at global education (first of all peace and environmental education, development and human rights education), international development cooperation, rights of future generations and conscientious objectors (some of us were in prison in the communist period of Hungary), sexual and reproductive health and rights, freedom of religions.

Global education in formal, informal and non-formal frames means lectures in schools, conferences and churches, programs in camps and festivals, trainings, educational materials, computer animations, email newsletters, media etc. The http://bocs.hu website is working since 1995.

BOCS is member of International Fellowship of Reconciliation, and Church & Peace networks since 1995. Also BOCS is member of ECEN (European Christian Environmentalists Network) and EuroNGOs. BOCS is the delegate of the Hungarian Green Movement in the International Development Cooperation Consultative Board of the Hungarian Ministry of Foreign Affairs since 2003. Gyula Simonyi is a Balaton Group member since 1995.

Major issues:
Peace, Ecology, Environmental Education, Ecological footprint, Justice, Religion, Family Planning, Sex, Third World, Development Cooperation, Philosophy, Education, Movement, non-material economy, non-consuming happiness...

Most of the materials on this website are in Hungarian and English but some are available in another 15 languages.

Currently, 4 e-mail newsletters are available in Hungarian ([email protected]):
- electronic version of the Nature & Peace Calendar, the daily Bocsmagazin,
- global education,
- new items on the site,
- India & Cedric Prakash.

There is an opportunity to send movement-related or funny e-cards.

The site is under continuous development; we appreciate e-mail/forum feedback about occurring errors.

It is worth to start your visit at the "New items" as new materials are uploaded frequently.

If you like our website, please recommend it to a friend.

As we helped others in the first years to establish websites, we have archives of:
  • Saint Francis Foundation (Déva, Transylvania)
  • "Harmadik part" /Third Shore/ journal
  • Discussions at the End of the Millennium (interviews made and edited by József Tillmann)
  • Kairos Europa
  • Budapest Klub
  • CSI (Christian Solidarity International)
  • Bruderhof
  • Action for Nuclear Disarmament
  • Ban Landmines Campaign
  • entire books and translations (e.g. "There's No Heaven without Earth" eco-theology, The Time Has Come, Arnold Toynbee's book "Religion from a Historians' Point of View")
  • translations from journals (Ecologist, Kirche Intern, Publik Forum, Junge Kirche, Concilium etc.) and from great personalities (Ulrich Duchrow, Donella Meadows etc.)
  • web sites on ecology, peace, justice/development and religion

We are members of:
  • Hungarian Green Movement, since 1990
  • IFOR (International Fellowship of Reconciliation), since 1995
  • Church & Peace European Christian Peace Network, since 1995
  • Balaton Group (researchers for ecology and sustainability), since 1995
  • HAND (Hungarian Association of NGOs for Development and Humanitarian Aid), since 2003
  • International Development Cooperation Consultative Board of the Hungarian Ministry of Foreign Affairs, since 2003
  • ECEN (European Christian Environmental Network), since 2005
  • EuroNGOs (The European NGOs for Sexual and Reproductive Health and Rights, Population and Development), since 2006

Major partners:
  • Environmental Education Network, since 1994
  • Gujarat Education Society, India, since 1977
  • Söréd (summer camps for handicapped children), since 1983
  • Gaja Association, since 1991
  • Saint Francis Foundation, Deva, since 1989
  • Csiki Foundation, since 2000
  • Green Eyes Association

Major supporters:
  • Ministries (of Environment, of Foreign Affairs, of Education)
  • Municipality of Szekesfehervar
  • National Civil Fund
  • EU

Registration: Pk 61.745/1994.
Judicial register number: 341.
Registered as public benefit organization: 1998.
Tax number: 18481862-1-07.
Bank account: 11736116-20130037
Bank: OTP Bank Rt. Fejér megyei Ig., 8000 Székesfehérvár, Ôsz u. 13.
Board of trustees: Katalin Kurtos, Miklos Klausz, Gabor Rozsics (secretary), Gyula Simonyi (president).
Supervisory board: Imre Marczi (chair), Katalin Feher, David Fulep.

The reconstruction of the site was supported by National Civil Fund

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Our sponsors
National Civil Fund , Ministry of Foreign Affairs , Ministry of Environment , C3 , Socrates
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