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Gyula Simonyi: Do Not Fear, But Trust!
(The Four Gospels about Fear.)

(Székesfehérvár, 1979-1993)
1. Introduction
1.1. Scandalization of the Disciples
1.2. The Danger of Scandalization
1.3. Our Scandalization
2. Fear Takes You to Sin
3. The Roots of Fear's Cure
3.1. Trust
3.2. Fear of God
3.3. Wrong Shock of God
3.4. Fear of the Trouble
4. The Positive Role of Fear. The Sense of Awareness
4.1. Fear Is Warning
4.2. The Sinner's Fear of Worldly Powers
4.3. Escaping
4.4. Pure Cleverness
4.5. Awareness in the Interests of Calling
4.6. Discipline of Secret
4.7. Responsibility of the Master and the Disciple for Each Other
4.8. Awareness in the Interests of Our Eternal Life
4.9. The Two Types of Awareness Are Linked Together
5. Jesus Frees Us from Fear
5.1. He Tells Us in Advance What We Can Expect
5.2. The Cross: Being Hated and Defenceless
5.3. "I Prove Its Deeds Are Wicked, Therefore the World Hates Me"
5.4. "As We, Too, Remit Our Owers' Debts"
5.5. Peaceful Violent Ones and Unpeaceful Nonviolent Ones
5.6. The Sense of Being Persecuted
5.7. Real Freedom
5.8. Power of God
5.9. Courage in Being Persecuted and in Peace
5.10. Courage in the Panics of Mankind
6. Thankfulness for Happiness
Questions for Self-exercise or Teaching