Around the world mines kill 800 people every month.
Many more are severely injured.
75% of mine blast survivors need at least one amputation.
There are now 250,000 landmine amputees, a figure which is rising by 1,200 a month.

BOCS Homepage BOCS Foundation was the first organisation from Eastern Europe when joined the LB Campaign in 1995.
Hungarian translation of the lecture of Jody Williams (when receiving the Nobel Peace Price, 10th December, 1997) and some other campaign texts can be found on the BOCS website: http://BOCS.hu

  • Tamás Csapody - Landmines in Hungary (Country report for Landmine Monitor 2000)
  • Mine ban treaty enters into force - ICBL praises progress, condemns users
  • Ring in the landmine ban treaty: Celebrate the Historic Day - Remember the People Affected
  • ICBL Statement on Continued Use of Antipersonnel Mines in Yugoslavia
  • NATO use of cluster bombs must stop


  • International Campaign to Ban Landmines
  • Vietnam Veterans of America Foundation
  • Oslo Landmine Ban Treaty Negotiations / NGO Secretariat
  • Mine Action Information Center
  • Mines Advisory Group (MAG)