From: Liz Bernstein
To: [email protected]
Date: Wednesday, February 24, 1999 6:54 PM
Subject: action alert: ring in the mine ban treaty!


Celebrate the Historic Day *** Remember the People Affected

On 1 March, the day that the 1997 Mine Ban Treaty becomes binding international law, bells will ring around the world to celebrate - and to mourn the past, present and future victims. We will also urge those remaining outside the treaty, including China, Russia and the USA, to SIGN NOW!! JOIN US on 1 MARCH!

Activists around the world will ring bells, pots and pans making noise to celebrate the treaty's entry into force - faster than any treaty in history - and the power of ordinary citizens to make a difference. We will also urge recalcitrant nations to join the tide of history NOW by signing the treaty, and for increased funds for mine action and victim assistance. For a list of events around the world, and contacts near YOU please see below.

RINGING IN THE LANDMINE BAN TREATY: Celebrating the Historic Day *** Remembering the People Affected EVENTS AROUND THE WORLD 1 MARCH 1999 as the Treaty Enters into Force

On March 1, 1999, bells will ring around the world to celebrate the historic day that landmines are outlawed - and to mourn the past, present and future victims. Events will take place in many countries worldwide, including:

Press releases encouraging Argentina to ratify and screening of 10 films "Spotlight on a Massacre". Contact: Tel/fax: +54 14361.5745 email: [email protected]

Bell-ringing in cities, towns and villages across the nation. Contact: [email protected]

Commemoration meeting of entry into force on 1 March in the Vienna International Centre with addresses by UN representative, Austrian government representative, Canadian government representative and NGO representatives (Austrian Campaign) organized by NGO Committee on Peace; nation-wide bell ringing in churches at 3 p.m; Austrian Red Cross focus on victim assistance during the week of 1-7 March involving Bosnian mine victims at various events, meeting the Foreign Minister and extensive media coverage, including reports on Austrian funded MAG program in Cambodia, after a recent trip to Cambodia organized by Aid to Mine Victims and MAG; press releases by government and NGOs.

Celebrations with NGO coalitions and youth volunteers; rally; Special prayers in mosques, churches and temples. Contact: Tel: +88-02-9557160 Fax: +8802-9555321; email: [email protected]

Bell-ringing between 10:00 and 13:00 throughout the country. Contact: [email protected]

Bell-ringing throughout the country including support from leaders and congregations of Catholic, Protestant and other churches. Distribution and screenings of "Spotlight on a Massacre" in Portuguese- with flyer and petition entitled to the Brazilian government entitled "For whom the bells toll?" encouraging ratification and funds for mine action/victim assistance to 'subsidize the human damage that Brazilian mines are causing!' Contact: Tel/Fax: +55 61321 6533; email:[email protected]

Activities on 24 February, National Mines Day, leading up to events on March 1. Drum-banging in ancient capital Angkot Wat, brochures distributed to tourists and talks by landmine survivors in Siem Reap. Contact: [email protected]

Over 40 organisations from coast to coast are planning bell- ringings; activities include prayers for peace broadcast from a mosque, bellsfrom town halls and churches, and distributing bracelets of bells to students. Church leaders are enthusiastically on board, especially in Quebec. Contact: Tel: +1 613 241 3777 Fax:+1 613 244 3410; email: [email protected]

Bell-ringing throughout the country through religious and other organizations and bell- ringers associations (World Carillon Federation) throughout Europe. Contact: Tel: +33 1 43 14 87 00 Fax: +33 1 43 14 87 07; email: [email protected]

Press Conference - Meeting of a catholic Bishop with Foreign Minister Joschka Fischer in Bonn. Youth group will hand over symbolic over 500.000 signatures, demanding a complete ban on all landmines and more funds for mine-action. Exhibition of Art- sculptures about the "landmines". Contact: Tel: +49 6994 4380 Fax: +49 6943 6002; email: [email protected]

Bell-ringing. Contact: [email protected]

Wide-spread participation in bell-ringing in Rome as well as in towns and villages throughout the country. Stands with materials will be set up in the most visible point of the towns. Cardinal Ruini will send letters to all of the Italian bishops inviting their parsons to ring the bells of their parishes. Parsons will also be urged to talk about mines during homilies and pray for the victims during the mass. Pins will be produced in the shape of a bell with the message "EUROPE'S BELLS FOR A MINE- FREE WORLD." During this event they will also continue to launch the Afghanistan project -called "Afghanistan metreXmetre" - collecting Funds to be sent to Afghanistan to support mine action operations. Contact: Tel: +39 131 232640 Fax: +39 131 235497; email: [email protected]

Visit to Prime Minister Obuchi with 11 year-old primary school girl who won first prize in a Japanese Campaign to Ban Landmines poster competition. Contact: Tel: +81 3 3834 2388 Fax: +81 3 3835 0519; email:[email protected]

The Kenya Coalition will call on churches to participate in bell- ringing, release a series of landmine-related articles, circulate fliers on Coalition activities, and will make a special effort to push a reminder to the Government to initiate legislation leading to ratification of the treaty. Contact: [email protected]

Church bells in cities the length of New Zealand will ring to celebrate this unique and historic event. In Auckland the bells of St Matthew-in-the-City, Hobson Street, will ring at noon. Hamilton has the most easterly set of bells in the world in St Peter's Anglican Cathedral. In Tauranga the electronic carillon at St Peter's Presbyterian Church will be an important part of the world- wide celebration. The 12 tonne Peace Bell, the biggest bell in the Southern Hemisphere, is located in the War Memorial Carillon in Wellington. It will toll to celebrate the coming-into-force of the Treaty and also to remember the victims of this insidious and indiscriminate weapon. The bells of Christchurch Cathedral, in th e square in the centre of Christchurch will join in the ringing. Contact: Tel/Fax +64 9 625 9306; email: [email protected]

Bell-ringing. Contact: [email protected]

Gathering of many ICBL members prior to a Landmine Monitor meeting. 11.45 Children from ┼keberg Kindergarten to present drawings to Jody Williams/ICBL. 12:00 Bell-ringing at the Oslo Main Church by the Bishop of Oslo and Jody Williams. Distribution of letters to embassies of non-signatory countries "The Treaty enters into force today, where are you?". 12:45 Press Conference at the Nobel Institute. 13:00 Seminar at the Nobel Institute. 16:00 Reception. 19.00 Public torch event in front of Parliament Main speakers: ICBL, Representatives from mine-affected countries present, general secretary of Norwegian Red Cross, Parliamentarian. Contact: Tel: +47 22 03 77 00 Fax: +47 22 20 08 70; email: [email protected]

Bell-ringing in temples and churches throughout the country at 12:00 noon local time. Contact: Tel/Fax: +94 1 697879; email: [email protected]

Bell-ringing and demonstrations throughout the country, including demonstration in Stockholm at noon calling for increased mine victim assistance. Contact: Tel. +46-8-702 26 75; Fax: +46-8-702 18 46; email: [email protected]

National day of struggle against mines organized by the Swiss Campaign and supported by the Swiss government. Throughout all the primary schools the children have been encouraged to where an armband with 'no more disabled children by mines' written on it, and to wear it all day. Launch of Song Kosal Campaign (Youth Against Mines, Youth Against War) throughout all the schools for children over 12 years. The bells of all the Swiss churches will ring in unison at 12 p.m., including the Geneva cathedral. On Geneva and Basle airport floors, large stickers will be laid with slogans such as "Mines? 1 victim every 20 minutes". Airlines will insert a public awareness leaflet in all the boarding cards. Geneva Scouts and Guides will run stalls and organize mine clearance game. 250'000 sugar packets will have "National Day of struggle against antipersonnel mines" printed on them and will be offered in the main towns throughout Switzerland. Stickers with the inscription: "1st March: national day of struggle against mines" will be stuck on all the federal administration mail this very day (still to be confirmed)and a spot will be broadcast on all the video terminals located in the Swiss post offices. The Federal Parliament in session this very day will observe a minute's silence in memory of the victims. Contact: tÚl/fax: + 41 22 328.01.73 email: [email protected]

There will also be a morning ceremony celebrating this occasion in Geneva at the UN Palais des Nations, including messages by/from UN Secretary General Kofi Annan, WHO, ICRC and the ICBL.

Initiated the bell-ringing events world-wide. Widespread bell-ringing throughout the UK of two peals: The first peal to be celebratory; the second peal reflecting upon the victims and survivors of mine- accidents, and the on-going horror that landmines exact upon innocent lives. Contact: Tel: +44 171 281 6073 Fax: +44 171 281 8005; email: [email protected]

"Ringing in of the Mine Ban Treaty". Celebrating the Historic Day and Remembering the People Affected. Over 200 churches have already signed up to ring their bells on March 1, and churches without bells will submit letters to the editor of local newspapers. The Minnesota Campaign is also planning a photo exhibition. "Undermine Landmines" Ban Landmines Week is hosted by Georgetown Peace Action. USCBL Contact: Tel: +1 617-695-0041 Fax: +1 617-695-0307 email: [email protected] or Tel: +1 202-483-9222 Fax: +1 202-483- 9312 Email: [email protected]

LSN is also organizing a visit by US landmine survivors to Washington DC for a moment of silence in remembrance of victims at 12 noon and to have meetings on Capitol Hill. Survivors will remove artificial limbs and lay them in front of the White House. The message to the Administration will be 'Why not US?': to encourage the US to sign the treaty now because landmines affect US citizens. Contact: Tel: +1 202 661 3537 Fax: +1 202 661 3529; email: [email protected]