In our world which is filled with violence and strife,

Let  this  Christmas    usher in  PEACE


Where despondency and despair reign,

Let this Christmas enkindle  HOPE


Where injustice and discrimination flourish,

Let  this  Christmas  instill  JUSTICE


Where untruth and falsehood hold center stage,

Let  this  Christmas  reveal  TRUTH


Where hatred and selfishness divide,

Let this  Christmas  mean LOVE


Where sadness and loneliness overwhelm,

Let this  Christmas  herald  JOY


In a world shrouded in darkness and gloom,

Let  this  Christmas   bring  T H E   L I G H T





….TODAY   and   for   EVERY   DAY   OF   2005  !!!


have   a   Christ - filled   C H R I S T M A S

AND  A  PEACE - FILLED   N E W   Y E A R  !!!



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