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Heinrich Boll: Talking on a bench

A man sat on a bench overlooking the sea. He was enjoying the view and the fresh air. He was content. A tourist passed by and, seeing a local, thought he would make conversation.

Visitor (V): "Good morning. It's a beautiful day."

The man nods.

V: "There must be a lot of fish in that sea - why don't you go and catch some?"

The local man (L): "I've already been out this morning - I've caught some fish today."

V (after a pause): "Well, you could go out again and catch some more fish."

L: "Why?"

V: "Well, then you would make more money."

L (pauses): "Why?"

V: "Well, then you could buy a bigger boat, and catch more fish."

L (pauses): "But why?"

V: "Well, then you would have more money, and you could buy another boat. You could own several boats and have people working for you. You could open a fish restaurant and..." (the man gets quite carried away with his ideas)

L (pauses again, and looks at the visitor with a puzzled look): "But why?"

V: "Well, then you could sit here all day, and enjoy the view and the fresh air."

L (with an incredulous look on his face): "But that's what I am doing now."