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English [20040518] [article] Time to read: 5 minutes The Indian People Have Spoken (Peace, Human rights, Development education, Third World, Justice, Politics)
Verdict 2004 is indeed a momentous one as the people of India literally voted out the BJP-lead National Democratic Alliance.
India népe megszólalt / The Indian People Have Spoken

The Indian People Have Spoken

Verdict 2004 is indeed a momentous one as the people of India literally voted out the BJP-lead National Democratic Alliance.

The verdict is significant on two counts : it is an outright rejection of a terrible lie called “India shining” foisted on the country by spin doctors, shrewd manipulators with the hoopla and hype of a media campaign; secondly, it was also a verdict against the communal and fascist policies of the NDA Government which sought to divide the country on religious lines.

Gujarat is a case in point. The brutal massacre of over 2000 Muslims in 2002, the marginalisation and the ghettoisation of the minorities by a State Government (which is comparable to the regimes of Hitler and Milosevic) had the blessings of the Prime Minister, the Home Minister and the others of the NDA Government.

In December 2002, when the Gujarat State went to polls on the blood of hundreds of innocent people, Narendra Modi was returned with a thumping two-third majority. Genocide seemed to have become the strategy in their lust for power. Most of Gujarat remained mute spectators, as the State continued to be enveloped in modern-day fascism.

Thanks however to the Supreme Court. “Your rajdharma is to punish offenders and bring the guilty to book. If you can’t, you quit.”, Chief Justice, V. N. Khare of the Supreme Court of India proclaimed as he castigated the Gujarat government on September 12, 2003 while hearing the Best Bakery case. Some months later, on April 12, 2004 while delivering the Best Bakery case judgment, Justices Doraiswamy and Pasayat minced no words when they stated “The modern day “Neros” were looking elsewhere when Best Bakery and innocent children and women were burning, and were probably deliberating how the perpetrators of the crime can be saved or protected”.

The Modi Government has indeed been indicted not merely by several from all walks of life including well-known International Human Rights organizations but also by the highest court of the land. The stunning defeat of the BJP in Gujarat is a sure indicator that the Modi Government has lost the moral authority to rule. All the time, in his arrogance, he boastfully claimed that he would win all the 26 seats for the BJP, winning just 14 (and that too some with the slenderest of margins) is indeed a massive blow on Modi and his government. He has always boasted that 50 million people of Gujarat were behind him but in these elections, he has been unable to muster enough 5 million of those votes.

Whilst another Government will soon sit in power to govern the country from New Delhi, it is imperative that they take a stand against fascist governments like that of Gujarat. There is enough of evidence including that from the Supreme Court to highlight the fact that the ordinary citizen of this State cannot be guaranteed his/her freedoms, security and even justice. There has been an abominal failure on the part of the judicial system of the State which has been made impotent by those in power. All this warrants the dismissal of this Government and the imposition of article 356 of the Constitution.

Yes, the people of India have spoken….. and atlast…… atleast some people of Gujarat have spoken. Finally a “ feel good ” factor seems to be emerging. However, India will Shine only when the perpetrators of the Gujarat carnage have been brought to justice. For this, the people of India need to act beginning with the people of Gujarat……

14th May 2004
Fr. Cedric Prakash s.j.

Geographical place: India

Date of creation or issue: 2004. 05. 14.

Author: Prakash, Cedric SJ

Group, movement, tendency (wherefrom it comes from): Prashant

Target audience: decision makers, leaders