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English [20090913] [article, meditation, reflection] Time to read: half an hour Defend yourselves! Gather information! Live intelligently! (Peace Education, Human rights, Philosophy, Global Education, Environmental education, N?k egyenrang?s?ga, Population, Sex)
The editor asks what our message is for the young? Well, this is a collection of survival advices: how to live happy, valuable, enjoyable, useful life in the global crisis.
Védekezz! Tájékozódj! Élj intelligensen! / Defend yourselves! Gather information! Live intelligently!

Defend yourselves! Gather information! Live intelligently!

The editor asks what our message is for the young? Well, first of all, be aware of the fact that the global crisis is getting worse! Though here in Europe we don’t feel too much of it, the climate change, the chemicals that come into our blood, the air and water pollution don’t care about borders. Borders hardly can stop the deluge of refugees, terrorism and pandemia.

Borders also cannot stop our workplaces, when they’re moving to countries where young people are ready to work really hard from sunrise till sunset for pittance. They tend to work hard since there is a huge oversupply from young workforce and they do not have the power to enforce their interests. Those who don’t exploit themselves will immediately be replaced by others.

One can always hear the word: competitiveness. In competitions, the weak usually have to fall, their habitat gets damaged. Even if you are able to compete you can loose some of the harmony of your personality, creativity, and joy of life.

What is this crazy competion for? Are we forced to earn money in order to achieve and keep our place in society?

The main power of this crazy competition is overpopulation. The increase of world population is nearly 8 million people every year. The Earth is already overcrowded; this led to increasing shortage and poverty, to violence and war, autocracy and demagogy, to environmental pollution and climate change, to crowdedness and noise, to dirt and illness, and to deluge of refugees and unemployment.

Why do people want so many children? They don’t want. A major segment of conceptions happen against the couples’ will. This is true not only for the poor, but also for the industrialized countries like the United States, where poulation grows fast as well. Several million times a year the most fundamental right of future generations is violated—everyone should have the right to be conceived as a wanted child!

The reason for the scramble, which is devastating with regard to the poor, all living creatures and future generations, is mainly that women don’t have the right, knowledge, means, money and culture to plan their families, particularly in poor countries but also in several regions in the industrialized countries. Many times men also realize it too late that they made themselves into a beast of burden for a long time by their accidental breeding.

What can you do? People usually advice that you should help save the Earth; but the Earth doesn’t need to be saved. The Earth already survived five big extinctions (the most well-known is the latest, which happened 65 million years ago when dinosaurs died out), and after some millions of years life proliferated on its surface again. The Earth will also recover from the sixth big extinction caused by humanity in a few seconds (since if we considered the age of the Earth to be one hour, one million years would mean only one second for the planet). Only our civilization falls as the Earth becomes unsuitable for human existence.

Those who want to save the Earth can easily postpone it just like doing charity work—when there is enough time and money for it. But it is only us and our descentants who should be saved from misery.

How can you do that? First of all, gather information about global and long-term processes. Otherwise by the time you come to maturity and realize the truth, you will find yourself squirming in time traps, in exigencies:

* you may get indebted so you have to work hard and consequently you destroy the Earth
* you may fail to get essentiall knowledge
* you may become addicted and you aren’t able to control your acts anymore
* you may find yourself faced with one or two children whom you didn’t plan and you have to work really hard
* you may find yourself in a wheel-chair as a consequence of underestimating the risk of driving a car, riding a motorbike or doing sports etc.
* you may fall in love with someone with whom you move in together, then you live in the hope in vain for decades that he or she will change
* you may buy a house at a place where you cannot live because of the noise, dirt, smell and crowdedness, etc., then you are forced to be stuck in traffic jams every weekend to reach some green areas as long as you can afford buying fuel
* you may get into bad company or become dandified, etc.

Time-traps watch for you when you make very important decisions or when you invest a lot of energy into something. If you don’t ponder over them carefully, if you don’t gather enough information, if you don’t consult several people, you will just be involved in narrow-minded and rigid traditions. If it is possible, you should leave your big decisions over until you are mature enough, become more experienced and you get to know yourself better. By the time it turns out that you made a wrong decision, your life may be in ruins.

Such crucial points are the following:

- choice of career/profession (by the time you get your qualification there is no demand for it on the labour market)

- choosing your partner (by the time you realize that he will not stop drinking, you have already gave birth to his children)

- choosing your home (you should check carefully if you can live, work and recreate there, and also if you can supply all your needs without travelling a lot)

- overindebtedness (for example because you’re influenced by advertisements, or because you want to belong to one of the fashionable virtual groups)

- addiction (smoking, drinking, drugs, gamble etc.)

- getting into bad company, which influences you

- enterprise (market changes and you can’t sell your product)

- investing your heritage or big amount of money (swindlers can cheat you out of it)

- underestimating different type of risks (medical and casualty risks or the risk of imitating experienced people doing without experience, etc.)

- having children

- etc.

The most important decision is to have children which has an effect not only on you and your life but also on your partner and his/her life and even on the newborn’s life.

Grow up and live your own life before you make another started!

Avoid time-traps! This is your own interest; moreover, this ishow you can do good to the world. Make your way with “light equipment”, don’t spend but save your resources, don’t lavish, don’t become addicted, don’t stuck in exigencies, don’t shoulder unnecessary burdens. Don’t breed, don’t produce, don’t consume, don’t pollute and arm too much. The world is changing fast and you will skid sideways in curves unless you’re flexible, and you aren’t overburdened and overwrought.

If you don’t aspire to be wealthier than others, you don’t have to spend much on protecting and keeping up your lifestyle. You should rise above others with your non-material values and intelligent way of life.

And what is an intelligent way of life like?

- Love, passion, delight…
- Family life, parents, children, grandchildren…
- Conversations, guests, friends, movement…
- Acts for peace, for the Earth, for justice…
- Intellectual development, students and teachers…
- Helping for the needy, prevention…
- Apology, forgiveness, patience…
- Games, dancing, songs, having fun…
- Silence, the deep and high experiences of our soul…
- Nature, scent, landscape, plants, animals…
- Roaming, clouds, birds, stars…
- Saunters, villages, towns, museums…
- Music, movies, drama, art…
- Books, poems, paintings, Heureka, wisdom…
- Creation, skills, joy of work…
- Physical training, neatness, health…

In our Global Education course we call the above mentioned values The Little Prince Life-strategy.

One of the mottos of BOCS Foundation is: Everyone has the right to education regarding the challenges of globalization.

If you want to prepare for leading an intelligent way of life and you are ready to help others as well to do so, you can join us as a volunteer.

If you are a female you can are welcome in our network called Young Women for Women in Poor Countries.

Author: Simonyi, Gyula

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