Development Education in the state members of EC

Development Education

State members

in alphabetical order


Presentation of the Austrian Platform


Historical Background
  • Social and Political Context
  • An Indication of Trends and Structures
  • Some Priorities and Models of Activity
    Presentation of Belgian National Platform
  • Denmark

    General Introduction
  • Who are the DE actors and what are their themes?
  • NGOs focusing on development issues
  • NGOs working in part on development issues
  • Networks
  • How are they funded?
  • Who is doing the work?
  • Key Trends: Past and Present
  • Types of activities
  • Personnel resources
  • Funding
  • Organisational structures and management
    The Danish Platform
  • Finland

    Presentation of Finnish National Platform


    Evolution of the concept of Development Education: the messages
  • Organisations, Networks Working at the Grassroots Level and Local Groups - The consortia of French ISOs
  • Development Education organisations
  • Youth and adult education organisations
  • Conclusion
  • Coordination
    Presentation of the new French Platform
  • Germany

    Historical Background
  • First Phase: 'An uneasy conscience makes itself felt'
  • Second Phase: 'The seeds of a new social movement'
  • Third Phase: 'Together we are better'
    Presentation of German National Platform
  • Greece

    Historical Background
  • The Social and Political Context
    The Greek LC platform introduces itself
  • Ireland

    Historical Perspective
    The Irish Presidency of the EU
    Work of the Irish Platform (Dóchas) during the Irish Presidency
    Presentation of the Irish Platform


    Historical Background
    Presentation of Italian National Platform
    Initial account of the work achieved by the Italian NGOs during the EU Presidency


    Development Education in Luxembourg
    The NGDO Co-operation Group in Luxembourg
    Members of National Platform


    Historical Background


    Historical, Social and Political Context
  • Development Education and the National Curriculum
  • Spain

    Historical Background: Social and Political Context
    Presentation of Spanish National Platform


    The Swedish Platform of the Liaison Committee

    United Kingdom

    Historical Background
  • Influences and Trends
  • Images and Messages
  • Funding and Resourcing of DE

  • NDGO history in Hungary
    NGDO-EC Liaison Committee: Development Education Group
    Supported by the European Commission DG VIII, Directorate-General for Development