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A peace church declaration

1. Our congregations, meetings and churches seek the inspiration and guidance of the Spirit of Christ in all that we undertake. Our search is accompanied by the study of scripture, which we believe to have been inspired by God, so that there can be no contradiction between genuine leadings of the Spirit and a right interpretation of scripture.

2. Our first and foremost allegiance both as individuals and as corporate church bodies is to Jesus Christ, our Lord and saviour. All other allegiances - to nation, tribe, race, political party or social movement - take second place. Together with Christians and churches throughout the world we seek the unity of God's Church under the guidance of the Holy Spirit.

3. We bear witness to our calling both as individuals and as corporate church bodies to be peacemakers. It is incumbent upon us to intervene in situations of conflict or injustice in order to promote justice, peace and reconciliation. Peacemakers are necessarily also justice makers.

4. We are convinced that the Spirit of Christ always moves us to speak and act in a nonviolent manner which does not harm other human beings. In situations in which the doing of such harm appears to be unavoidable in order to protect people, we turn to God in prayer and wait for the inspiration of the Holy Spirit, confident that creative ways of confronting violence will be opened to us at the right moment. We believe that the killing of a human being is always contrary to the will of God and that such evil may not be undertaken in the hope that good may come of it. A good end cannot justify evil means.

5. We are called to examine our lifestyles and to ask ourselves whether our role as individuals or as corporate church bodies within the global economy serves to promote peace and justice. We seek a sharing of the resources of the earth so that every adult and every child is able to live in dignity to the glory of God.

Gordon Matthews, January 2002

Recommended by the Church and Peace Annual General Meeting 2002 as a working document and peace witness tool.