Church and Peace International Conference
1 - 4 May 2003 Osijek, Croatia

"Let us pursue the things that make for peace"
Romans 14:19

Empowering The Churches On Their Peacemaking Journey

A Church free of nationalism and committed to peacemaking . . . an illusion, utopia or a vision in the process of becoming reality?

In today's Europe where some are struggling to rebuild their countries after years of inter-ethnic and inter-sectarian warfare and others are wrestling with the "axis of Evil" ideology on a global level, it is essential to reaffirm the conviction that the Gospel calls Christians to lives of active nonviolence and that the Church's place is walking alongside the victims of violence.

Church and Peace, which brings together European churches, communities and organisations sharing this conviction, invites you to gather with Christians from across Europe for the international and ecumenical conference "Let us pursue the things that make for peace".

The path stretching out in front of those who strive to meet the challenges of violence has its share of twists and turns. Through the sharing of ideas and experiences, theological reflection, celebration and worship, Church and Peace wishes to encourage individuals and groups in their personal and communal peacemaking journeys.

Thursday, 1 May

Partners on the Peacemaking Journey
o Welcome
o Introductions
Centre for Peace, Nonviolence and Human Rights
Evangelical Theological Seminary
Church and Peace
o Sharing in affinity groups

Friday, 2 May information
Examples of Peace Work in Europe Today
o Visits to reconciliation projects in Osijek and surrounding area
o News from the Church and Peace network (members' meeting)

A Church Committed to Peacemaking - Vision and Realisation
o Ana Raffai (Zagreb)
Catholic theologian & nonviolence trainer, Ecumenical Service
o Orthodox speaker (to be determined)

Saturday, 3 May

Glimpses into Personal Peacemaking Journeys
o Dialogue with Christian peacemakers from across Europe

sharing experiences
o Workshops and exhibits

theological reflection
Reformulating the Peace Church Vision
o Dr. Neal Blough (Saint-Maurice)
Director, Paris Mennonite Center

Nonconventional Instruments of Peace
o Festive program with music, drama, games, dance

Sunday, 4 May ecumenical worship
"Let us pursue the things that make for peace"
o Sermon on Romans 14:19

Centre for Peace, Nonviolence and Human Rights (Osijek, Croatia)
Evangelical Theological Seminary (Osijek, Croatia)

o Opening session - 19.30, Thursday, 1 May 2003
o Closing worship service - 10.00, Sunday, 4 May 2003

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