Declaration of Support to Civic Sectors of Former Yugoslavia

We, the participants of the 5th VOLUNTAS Symposium in Prague, 15 - 16 October, 1999, on the Tenth anniversary of political changes in Central and Eastern Europe, would like to express our sympathy with the nations of former Yugoslavia. The same ten years have brought for them wars, wounds and pain. Now, there are people and organizations who say - ENOUGH! They want to contribute to reconciliation of social texture of their societies.

We fully support their activities and we would like to contribute to this very important change with our expertise, networks and ideas in order to generate all kinds of resources for them. As researchers and academics, we understand the utmost importance of indigenous research into the civil sector in their respective societies aimed at building a solid civic infrastructure. To this end, we call upon the international donors to support research activities in former Yugoslavia as well as comparative research in Central and Eastern Europe.

We will send this declaration to our friends, then to governments in order to generate international support for democracy fighters of civil movements and organizations. Their presence in the reconciliation process is vital to reaching the goal. We do not forget that our freedom starts where that of others begins.

Freedom and solidarity cannot be divided. If you share these ideas, please sign this Declaration and forward it to your colleagues. After every 100 names, please proceed the signatures to Sanja Nikolin at [email protected].