Kairos 2000 Project Barcelona , September 1998

“For the Abolition of Foreign Debt and the Payment of the Social Debt”


“The Jubilee is a kairos time - God’s time in our human time- for the cancellation of debts, including the church’s debts; and it is a powerful time of conversion - individual, community, social and religious conversion- ” ( Bishop Pedro Casaldaliga ).

These words recover from the Judeo-Cristian tradition of Jubilee the deep meaning of a recognition of our own responsibilities and a need for radical changes to correct the injustice and degeneration of our social and political structures. They are a direct contradiction of the predictably banal exploitation of the end-of-century celebrations as commercialised entertainment, and also of the equally predictable reduction of Jubilee to clusters of commemorations of two thousand years of Christianity.

Many in the world feel that the 2000 landmark is a particularly good psychological moment to highlight the urgency of carrying out a profound re-evaluation of our socio-economic norms and thorough reform of our structures and values, while at the same time initing the sfforts and will-power of all those desiring and planning for change.

It is with a view to this that various individuals and organisations in Barcelona have decided to answer the call from Bishop Pedro Casaldàliga by promoting alongside many others fron every Continent, the idea of a briad movement of solidarity action towards the new millenium.


We want favour a Reflection-Action Process on the ideas of liberation implicit in the deep meaning of the Jubilee.

We understand that this Process, should not to remain only, in a magnificent ideas exchange or of masterful thesis, in a gather of signatories or in some that spectacular other alternative act. It Must it be materialized in concrete Projects that may have some objectives, also very concrete, but at the same time universal. Such Projects would have two angle :


a) Broad Objetive :

“For the abolition of Foreign Debt and the payment of the Social Debt accumulated against the life and dignity of excluded people”.

The development of this objetive should involve, ir our view, the following priorities:

Each community or entity will decide autonomously on it Specific Project and Goals, in accordance with the above.

b) Means and Timetable :

c) Phases of action for the Groups and Coalitions:

This street protest will begin simultaneously on the same day worldwide and the same (mean)

time. Afterwards...


Our activity should extend to all spheres of life, individual and social. In particular we believe that a socially just alternative which is economically viable and ecologically sustainable is impossible without a substantial change ir our patterns of consumption, production and investment.

Across our political and territorial landscape we see the necessity to formulate proposals and achieve specific and verificable goals for the year 2000 in each and every jurisdiction ( local, regional, state and supra-governmental) by devising solid programmes and making the necessary alliances.

For further details, please contact us at


Mare de Déu del Pilar, 15, pral.

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