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English [20060811] [nyílt levél] Olvasási ido: negyedóra AN APPEAL FOR THE VICTIMS OF THE GUJARAT FLOODS (Harmadik világ, Igazságosság, Környezetvédelem)
Amikor végre hosszú szárazság után jön az eső, akkor viszont ömlik és áradásokat okoz. A természeti katasztrófa ma már nem természeti, hiszen többnyire emberi beavatkozás (pl. az áradást a hegyoldali erdőségek letarolása) okozza.
Kérés a gujarati áradás elszenvedőiért / AN APPEAL FOR THE VICTIMS OF THE GUJARAT FLOODS

9th August 2006


Dear Friends,

The problems in Gujarat never seem to end…..the rain gods have wrought havoc once again on several parts of the State and very specially in areas which are populated by the poor – be it tribals or slum dwellers.

As reports keep coming in, one is really not in a position to assess the quantum of damage that has been caused and the total impact of the monsoon fury on the poor…..The rains and the floods just continue.

What we do know at this stage is that :

Ø thousands of people have had to leave their homes because several rivers are in spate very specially the river Tapti and the river Vishwamitri. Many rivers have crossed their danger mark

Ø there is a fear that because of the huge amount of waters contained in some of the dams (very specially the Ukai and the Narmada), there is always possibility of some of these dams bursting and then the destruction of life and property will be immeasurable.

Ø many adivasis and slum dwellers have lost their houses and their meager possessions. A good number of them have taken shelter in relief camps either run by the Government or by voluntary agencies.

Ø several people have taken ill, there is a short-supply of medicines and there is every possibility of an outbreak of serious epidemics.

Ø many people do not have anything to eat just now, leave alone food supplies for the next few days.

Ø for poor farmers, all standing crops have been washed away and now they will patiently have to wait for the winter crop after about six months; besides, most of them will not have any purchasing power to buy the seeds for the winter crop.

One can go on and on…… All our local newspapers and even the national ones have plenty of stories and reports of the floods in Gujarat and other parts of India (should you wish to have more details, you can always log on to one of the TV websites of the country like or .

As the Province Office for Integral Social Development (POISD) of the Gujarat Jesuits, we are making a fervent appeal to all of you : our friends and well-wishers to help us in whatever way possible to help alleviate the sufferings of the poor.

We are working in tandem together with several of our Centres mainly in South Gujarat, who are trying to provide immediate relief to thousands of flood victims. At this stage, we are requesting only for monetary help because of logistical problems to transport material.

We therefore request a donation from you. All donations in India are exempt from Income Tax under Section 80G. The best way to send us a donation is through a Bank Cheque / Draft made in favour of : THE GUJARAT EDUCATION SOCIETY and sent to us ONLY by REGISTERED POST / COURIER,
addressed to :

Fr. Cedric Prakash
Newman Hall
St. Xavier’s College Road
Ahmedabad 380 009
Gujarat, India

For those who would like to send us a donation from abroad, the above method may be followed. We request that the Cheque be ONLY in Dollars or in Euros. If you would like to make a Bank transfer from abroad, then our Bank details are as follows :

A/C NO. 212431

All donations will be acknowledged with our official receipt.

We will be happy to provide you with any clarifications / suggestions if you need.

Thanking you in anticipation for your generosity.

With warm wishes,

Fr. Cedric Prakash

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